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What is a systems thinking design approach?

The traditional design approach starts with a brief outlining clearly defined specifications and a desired end result. The systems-thinking model involves looking at the problem as a whole, brainstorming solutions and evaluating possible implications. The end result is a design that solves your problem and encourages a positive triple bottom line (social, environmental and economic).


What is different about your creative process?

We believe you are the biggest expert on your brand. We are simple here to empower you to express it. We start with asking the right questions and truly listening to their answers. Through a deep understanding of your brand, an authentic creation clarifies. We give lots of options from the get go, allowing you to see your ideas come to life. From there, we allow unlimited revisions. 


What do you mean unlimited revisions?

We will revise your design as many times as it takes to get it exactly how you want, no matter what.


Do you only work with environmental brands?

No! While our main focus is businesses that exist to solve environmental and social issues, we will never turn a job down simply because you aren't an environmental steward. All we ask is that you consider our suggestions on how to minimize our impact.

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